Refined Style Official Launch Party Recap!

Whew! Okay where do I even begin?

As I was wrapping up the Refined Style website and checking off everything else on my "start-up" checklist, I thought to myself "Now how am I gong to officially kick this thing off and let everyone know Refined Style is here!!?" To be honest, a launch party did cross my mind, but I thought maybe in a few months after I'm "settled" right? Wrong.

I mentioned the idea of a launch party in passing to my mentor (secretly hoping she would be on board with the later launch party date. Not so much lol) and that same day she was pushing me to set a date and lock in the venue. I felt so overwhelmed! But I trusted her judgment and pushed myself to get this party into motion (get yourself a mentor....I promise you need one more than you know).

I progressively made an invitation list of local wedding planning agencies, boutique owners, newspapers, magazines, bloggers, friends, family and just about everyone in between and was pleasantly surprised by the number of RSVP's I received!

The morning of the launch party, my stomach was in knots! I literally could not eat a thing. But I knew the show must go on! I was just nervous about everyone showing up and making sure that they eat, drink, and have a great time celebrating Refined Style!

Looking back on it now, I had nothing to worry about (funny how hindsight is always 20/20). The weather was absolutely perfect at 75 degrees and sunny, my hair and makeup were flawless, the décor of the venue was literally everything I envisioned and so much more...I loved it, the DJ played all of the hits for three hours straight, the food and drinks were flowing, (the chicken empanadas and "Refined Wine" were the crowd favs) my sister and bestfriends flew into town to support and help during the party while I mingled, and everyone stayed until the very end for a raffle prize!

Of course I gave a quick speech about Refined Style and all of our services offered, took tons of pics and thanked everyone who came to support me during this scary, yet exciting journey of entrepreneurship!

Before everyone left, I made sure they took home a Refined Style goodie bag which included: a Refined Style logo soap provided by Luxe Lather, a Melanie Marie custom jewelry 25% off discount code, a white chocolate Refined Style logo Oreo cookie provided by Miss Goody Goody Desserts and a thank you card with all of the contributing vendors' business information (pictured below).

Overall, I'm so excited the launch party was a success! Now that the glitter has fallen to the floor..... it's time to roll up these sleeves and get this baby movin' and shakin'!

See below for pictures from the party and even a recap video!

Refined Regards,

Shelisa M.