Have questions for us?

We’re here to help! Listed below are just a few of our Frequently Asked Questions.

I live out of town, how can we work together?

We offer many virtual services for clients who are not local to our region—services include personal shopping and closet cleanse.

Do you go shopping with your clients?

Personal shopping customization is based on client preference. We can shop with the client or can pre-shop ahead of the client, where they may meet up to review the items selected.

Why should I hire an image consultant?

Our lead image consultant will work one-on- one with each client to not only refine their style, but to educate the client on what colors, styles, and lengths work best for their body shape. An image consultant can be for the woman who is too busy to shop or for the woman looking for an updated look!

Is styling based on the consultant’s personal style?

No. All styling needs are customized based on the client’s individual style/body consultation

Do I need to spend a lot of money?

No. We work with each client to best meet their needs within their budget

My shape has fluctuated; should I wait until my ideal size to seek styling services?

Why wait? We can help you feel comfortable in your transition now and start preparing your wardrobe to cater to your end goal

How is an image consultant different from a personal stylist?

An image consultant provides clients with styling knowledge based on their lifestyle needs, body type, complimentary colors, and event specification; whereas a personal stylist is most prominently used to provide their clients with the newest fashion trends and styling.